by Bruce A. Rawles

Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook is a gateway for understanding the context and relationships that lay behind and within Sacred Geometry, and a fun way to explore and play with them. A vast repository of beautiful line drawings, it is clearly inspired by a love of the subject it describes. You can see its influence in everything we do. We are pleased to share Bruce Rawles’ genius with you.

You have timeless wisdom within you and all around you symbolized by geometric forms. This source book meticulously illuminates the ancient art and science of Sacred Geometry.

Learn from a master. The Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook by Bruce Rawles, is a 256-page, 8.5 by 11-inch work consisting of 221 full page black and white line art graphic images. It is spiral bound, over-sized, printed on heavy paper stock, easy to read and to work with. The ready-to-use templates teach by whole brain play and creative exploration. The book also has over 1300 smaller images surrounding the central full page image on each page. These provide examples of the countless variations that may be skillfully employed by the creative explorer of this art form and science.

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In addition to a large collection of 2-dimensional patterns, a coloring book for kids of all ages, there are twenty-seven 3-dimensional fold-up patterns which make it easier than ever before to create exquisite shapes revered by pioneers such as Plato, Pythagoras, and Leonardo daVinci. There is a brief introductory section on the philosophical perspective of universal proportions and symbols.

The Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook also has extensive tables, Internet links and bibliographic references for those whose interest and curiosity has been sparked by the hands-on, experiential majority of the book. It is a reference for serious students of geometry and its omnipresent purpose.

Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook contains:

• Concise explanations of the symbolic and philosophic fundamentals of sacred geometry and proportions which appear throughout our Universe from atoms to galaxies; traverse the footsteps of pioneers from Pythagoras to daVinci.

• Complete set of 2-dimensional grid tessellation space-filling patterns with numerous variation examples.

• Complete set of 3-dimensional fold-up templates (also knowns as nets) for the classic polyhedra; Platonic, Archimedean and Kepler-Poinsot solids ... and more. Add scissors and tape and you have a whole gallery of wonderful shapes.

• Hundreds of other classic and new images for creative uses.

$39.95 Free Shipping

$39.95 Free Shipping