by Metaforms

The beautiful is a manifestation of the
secret laws of Nature.

Metaforms jewelry are miniaturized 3-dimensional sacred geometry sculptures. They are beautifully crafted and radiate energetic fields which positively influence your environment wherever you are.

Each pendant is precisely crafted of the finest materials and infused with extraordinary consciousness.

Metaforms sacred geometry jewelry is moderately priced and comes in varying materials and configurations.

Tap or click on the images below for details on each sacred geometry piece.

Also available are matching gold-plate and sterling silver rope chains. To view them please use the ink at the bottom of this page.

5D Star Tetrahedron

Amethyst Cube

Metatron's Cube

Spherical Cube Octahedron

Star Dodecahedron

Mini Star Icosahedron

Star Tetrahedron

Restoration Wand