LIGHTSOURCE showcases the classics of Sacred Geometry. Accompanied by the awesome shamanic chants of the “Deep Time Dreaming” Hemi-Sync® soundtrack from Monroe Institute. LightSOURCE reverberates as tones and rhythms merge with clarifying engineered brainwave energies. It draws you visually and sonically deep into ceremony.

◊ The Flower of Life
◊ The Sri Yantra
◊ The Endless Knot
◊ Kabbalah Tree of Life
◊ Golden Ratio Spirals
◊ Metatron's Cube
◊ The Vesica Piscis
◊ The Torus
◊ Cross of the Spheres
◊ Nested Inscribed Polygons
◊ Harmonics of Music and
   the 13 Chakras
◊ Dodecahedron and Pentagonal Star
◊ Fruit and Seed of Life
◊ Electromagnetic Field of the
   Human Merkaba
◊ Plato’s ‘The Heavenly City’

HD DVD       72 minutes
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YANTRA MANTRA with Hemi-Sync® combines animated three-dimensional sacred geometry with Deva Premal’s ethereal chanting, the exquisite musicianship of Miten & Manose, and brain-altering Hemi-Sync® binaural beats from the Monroe Institute. Yantra Mantra is a unique cocktail of powerful transformative energy and potent magical beauty.

Mantras include:
◊ Brahma Nandam (9:49)
◊ Teyata (8:52)
◊ Gayatri Mantra (9:49)
◊ Yemaya Assessu (3:34)
◊ Om Mani Padme Hum (8:26)
◊ Om Asatoma (2:23)
◊ Shree Ram Jai Ram (6:43)
◊ Om Namo Narayanaya (6:43)
◊ Ide Weré Weré (8:00)
◊ Gaté Gaté (10:55)
   75 minutes

Yantras include:
◊ Aldbourne Hill, 2006 crop circle
◊ Dorje Sceptre mandala
◊ Flower of Life sacred geometry
◊ Fruit of Life sacred geometry
◊ Lhasa Lotus mandala
◊ Om Mani Padme Hum mandala
◊ Plato's ‘The Heavenly City’
   sacred geometry
◊ The Sri Yantra mandala
◊ Yin Yang mandala
◊ OM mandala

BLU-RAY + extras
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+ extras
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Deluxe 2-Disc Bundle

   6-panel amaray package includes:
◊ HD DVD Video + extras
◊ DVD-ROM meditation screensaver
   for both Mac and Windows
◊ MP3 soundtrack album by
   Deva Premal, Miten & Manose
   10 tracks, 75 minutes

Deluxe Bundle
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BLOSSOMING LOTUS, with hypnotic animation and dazzling colors, breathes new life into sacred symbols of the Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions.

Blossoming Lotus includes “INDIGO for Quantum Focus,” a heart opening Metamusic® soundtrack from Monroe Products infused with special designer mixes of Hemi-Sync® frequencies that support super learning and concentration. By renowned composer j.j. epperson, INDIGO is a compelling, uplifting composition.

Mandalas and sacred symbols both ancient and contemporary, include:
◊ Tao Yin Yang
◊ The Blossoming Lotus
◊ The Dorje Sceptre
◊ The Endless Knot & Wheel of Life
◊ Kanji Yin Yang
◊ Om Devanagari
◊ The Mahakala Mandala
◊ Lhasa Lotus
◊ The Mahamudra Buddha
◊ Om Mane Padme Hum
◊ Lotus Buddha
◊ The Sri Yantra

HD DVD       72 minutes
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HANTA YO presents classic Native American shields, power symbols, and medicine wheels finely illustrated and brought to life with scintillating color and animation.

Hanta Yo! is a Lakota Sioux invocation and prayer that calls upon the Great Spirit to clear the way and make the path ready for the seeker's spiritual evolution.

The soundtrack is “The Shaman’s Heart;” Metamusic® from Monroe Products which merges spellbinding music with Hemi-Sync® brainwave technology to create a sonic landscape that bathes you in an immersive shamanic experience.

Shields, power symbols, and medicine wheels:
◊ Hopi Kokapelli medicine wheel
◊ Cheyenne Symbol of the Universe shield
◊ Navajo Healing Snake medicine shield
◊ Comanche Buffalo totem
◊ Mayan Tzolkin mandala
◊ Cheyenne The Four Winds shield
◊ San Idefonso Pueblo Thunderbird shield
◊ Pueblo Indian Rain shield
◊ The Lines of the Nazca Indians (Peru)
◊ Papago Indian Sun labyrinth
◊ Inuit Indian mandala
◊ Navajo hunting shield

HD DVD       72 minutes
$22.98 free shipping