Sacred  Geometry  Sculpture

Everything in nature and the entire Universe is based on eternal laws of creation derived through geometry and mathematics. Metaforms manifests those archetypal laws into tangible forms that uplift and empower.

Metaforms sacred geometries are precise 3-dimensional sculptures that radiate an energetic field which influences your environment and creates sacred space. They activate awareness and support you in making appropriate choices. Their beauty, balance, and perfection bring peacefulness to heart and mind.

This positive amplification of safe, subtle energy accentuates creativity, healing, dreaming, meditation, and relationships.

Metaforms’ subtle energies enhance interior design, landscape, and feng shui. They are treasures, both practical and elegant, for your home, office, waiting room, or any gathering space (indoor or out).

Dozens of sophisticated geometric shapes are available in polished bronze and 24-caret gold-plate; ranging from exquisite six inch-sized forms to giant forms over ten feet in height.

To help you animate, experience, and beautifully display your Metaforms, we offer an LED lighted motorized revolving base, a battery-operated ceiling spinner, as well as a wide size selection of translucent stationary bases.

Trust your experience and intuition; what attracts you is the next step.

Star Dodecahedron

Unity Grid


Star Icosahedron

Stellated Earth

Sphere of Health

5D Star of Deva

Metatron's Cube

Aquarian Pyramid

5 D Star Tetrahedron

Causal Ring

Merkaba of Oneness

3D Star

Phi Ratio Star
Tetrahedron w/
Restoration Crystal

Woven Spiral Star

Star Tetrahedron


EMF Soulution

Ceiling Spinner

Tube Stands

Turning Base

Since 1985, Gregory and Gail Hoag of Metaforms in Lyons, Colorado, have been uplifting and empowering people around the world with life enhancing sacred geometry products.

All Metaforms products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Full refund of product price if returned in prime condition within 30 days of receipt of product.