Mini Star Dodecahedron

Star Dodecahedron Gold 1

Star Dodecahedron Gold 2

Star Dodecahedron Gold 3

Star Dodecahedron Gold Iris

Star Dodecahedron Gold Zinnia

Star Dodecahedron Silver

Each of the 12 pentagonal faces of the Star Dodecahedron is extended into a phi ratio star point which create 12 interlocking pentagrams. The Star Dodecahedron has become a popular tool for graduates of other Metaforms and a powerful symbol for divine/human co-creation. It stimulates the heart chakra and helps to move the energy into new levels of conscious awareness. The 12 stellated points activate all the human body's subtle systems, creating a peaceful experience in the integrated polarity of feminine and masculine energy. The Star Dodecahedron produces a warm feeling of transcendence with its symmetrical beauty and adds a radiance circumstance.

- Brings atonement to enhance feelings of compassion.

- Radiates a natural energy and sense of calm. Animals love it.

- Stimulates the pineal gland and facilitates deep meditation.

- Moving meditation (Tai Chi, Chi Kung) can help ground the high capacity of energy - Stimulates the heart center to renew a passionate appreciation for life.

"My favorite. The Star Dodecahedron starts with a heartful experience, softly and lovingly moving through me. Then it expands to the broadest range of frequencies I've felt, enveloping me in energy."
- Virgil Jackson, ex-corporate office

Mini Star Dodecahedron - Gold
Mini Star Dodecahedron - Silver
Mini Star Dodecahedron w/Ring - Gold
Mini Star Dodecahedron w/Ring - Silver