The I.Connect expands your energy and activates your purpose. This amazing tool offers you a portal to the positive life field of love, wholeness and connection, to self and others.

The result of over 25 years of research and development, the I.Connect utilizes the wisdom of sacred geometry encoded on circuit boards transmitting energy induced by strategically placing multidimensional energy forms around the planet.

Inside are electronic components, copper and fiber optic antenna systems, vapor depositions of molecular geometries and alchemical mixtures of unique crystals, minerals and rare earth transition metals.

Toroidal flow is created by the stainless steel shell. The unit is activated by light and sound frequencies, within a special unit having counter spinning geometries and a connection to the earth grid via 20 foot copper structures.

Benefits of using the I.Connect sacred geometry tool:
• Increased vitality, creativity and joy.
• A sense of knowing that all is well.
• Intuition so keen, you know what to do and do it without procrastination.
• Enhanced communication and better understanding in your relationships.
• Feeling a purposeful sense of connection with your family, community and the world.
• Greater sense of peace for you and those around you. Feeling spiritually centered.
• Within the beauty of nature you feel whole and well.

Life is an expression of oneness and functions best in alignment with divine nature. Sacred geometry tools take you to that place. When you are touched by the innate patterns in nature, you are in the flow of pure energy making its transition into form. In these special places, you feel peaceful, centered and connected with Source.

Using the technology of sacred geometry, you are in true relationship with creation. You experience the fullness of life and move closer to your spiritual and physical potential.

People report how good they feel, sleep, focus and relate to others when the codes within you resonate with these tools so you remember who you truly are. Energy flows and life improves. In a perfect world, you would experience life on all its dimensions, filled with the joy and reverence of creation.



Using sacred geometry tools in your health practice will enhance the value and experience for your clients. They will support the depth and thoroughness of your therapy work. Clients relax more deeply and align with their sacred nature, allowing old patterns to more easily fall away. The work can be integrated for longer lasting benefits. Energy workers are able to imbue their specific frequencies into these tools.

Love and connection is what the I.Connect is about. It establishes a field of life positive connections to enhance your vitality, health and conscious awareness. It supports transformation of your life to give your gifts to the world.

Chakra Collection

The Chakra Collection is a set of seven I.Connect units, each with a precious gemstone set in the center that relates to the energy of one of the seven chakras. Crown ~ Amethyst; Third eye ~ Iolite; Throat ~ Blue Sapphire; Heart ~ Emerald; Solar plexus ~ Citrine; Sacral ~ Orange Sapphire; Base ~ Garnet.

The full set rests on a polished cherry wood base.

Full Set of 7

chakra collection


The We.Connect broadcasts the energy of the I.Connect throughout a room for quite a distance for health, well-being and connection to Source. As it rotates on its base with colored lights, the frequencies establish an enhanced higher connection that supports practitioner and client alike. Establishing sacred space is key in energy work and the We.Connect helps you co-create it with grace and ease.

The We.Connect creates an ambiance of relaxation, clarity, expansion, creativity and ease. It oscillates within the bands of a deeply relaxed sense of ‘rightness’ to a sense of energized focus. Better communication, connection and flow is apparent, so that people can receive and align with the benefits of whatever health modality is being introduced in more harmonious ways.