Sacred Geometry Gallery
A Golden Ratio Spiral
Nettle Hill formation Blueprint, 2014
Japanese Yin Yang Mandala2
Spider Web
OM Lotus Mandala
Sunflower Golden Ratio
Aldbourne Hill Crop Formation, 2006
Hopi Kokapelli Mandala
Fractal Flame
Rubik's Platonic Solids
Tree of Life and Seed of Life2
The Sri Yantra2
Om Lotus Mandala-4
Comanche Buffalo Totem
Spiral Dodecahedron
Violet Sphere
Mayan Tzolkin Mandala
Flower of Life with 2nd Harmonic Overlay-2
Avebury Trusloe Crop Formation, 2000
Crooked Soley Crop Formation-3, 2002
Flower of Life line drawing
Crooked Soley Crop Formation, 2002
Gog Magog Hills Crop Formation, 2000
Pentagon and Decagon
Seed and Flower of Life Grids
Lotus Buddha Mandala
Time Travel Clock
Crooked Soley Crop Formation-1, 2002
The Sri Yantra
Aztec Sundial
Flower of Life with 2nd Harmonic
Tree and Sun Rays
Fibonacci Rose
Pagan Symbols
Blowingstone Hill Crop Formation, 2006
Dandelion Ffibonacci Sequence
Japanese Yin Yang Mandala3
Leonardo da Vinci and the Golden Ratio
Flower of Life
Emoto Water
Pentagon and Decagon4
Golden Mean
The Sri Yantra4
Woolstone Hill Crop Formation, 2005
Om Lotus Mandala-3
OM Lotus Mandala-2
Julia Zero Fractal
Fractal Cosmic Necklace
Flame Compass Fractal
Cheyenne Symbol of the Universe Shield
12-Pointed Star
Pentagon and Decagon3
Woodborough Hill Crop Formation, 2000,
Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook
The Art of Affecting Consciousness
Dodecahedron and Pentagonal Star
Golden Ratio Triangle Spiral
Endless Knot Wheel of Life Mandala
Tree of Chaos
Lhasa Lotus Mandala
The Gallops Crop Formation, 2002
Metatron's Solids
East Kennet Crop Formation, 2003
Psychedelic Golden Ratio Spirals
Star Dodecahedron
Golden Ratio Torus
Visible Light Prism
Yin Yang Mandala
Golden Ratio Torus2
Golden Ratio Spiral Brocade
Japanese Yin Yang Mandala
Tree of Life and Seed of Life
Moonset Sunrise
om mani padme hum
Crooked Soley Crop Formation-4, 2002
Mahakala Mandala
Pentagon and Decagon2
Wet Spider Web
The Vesica Piscis
Crooked Soley Crop Formation-2, 2002
Fractal Garden Blossoms
Pentagonal Star
Toroidal Radial Rings
Fractal Turtle's Spine
The Sri Yantra3
Flower of Life with 2nd Harmonic Overlay