Copyright Policy

When we launched in 1998 we believed at the time that if we placed a copyright notice on our images that would protect them as our property. The truth was anyone could freely use those pictures wherever, whenever and however they wished. And many did. Within a few years of publication, a simple search would find our images duplicated all over the Internet, most without attribution.

We came to realize that was actually a good thing. The more eyes, minds, and souls exposed to sacred geometry –– the better. That, in fact, is the underlying rationale for the existence of this site and its prime objective.

Sacred Geometry originates from source. The identity of an artist who rendered a lovely expression of a universal sacred geometric form is not really of cosmic consequence. The creators of the crop circles –– which are the most profound, enigmatic, epic-in-scale, and astonishingly innovative sacred geometry rendered on Earth in this or any age –– have no name.

Our experience has shown that the way of the web is that to openly publish on the Internet effectively enters that work into the public domain. On the Internet, information and data tends to eventually flow free, regardless of proprietary claims. It has become a kind of natural law, like gravity; not to be lamented or resisted –– but accepted, leveraged and used for the greatest advantage of all.

If you use any intellectual property from this website it would be nice of you to attribute them to this website. Even nicer would be to offer a donation for a license to use it.

However, the graphics displayed on this site are not copyrighted. If it feeds you, use it. If you are a pro… high resolution full color images as well as illustrator files are available for a reasonable price. Inquire.

Over the years we collected many images that we thought beautiful or unique in some way. At the time we did not foresee a reason to collect artists’ names. If you see anything in the About Sacred Geometry section that you believe you originated and you would rather it not appear here –– please contact us, point us to your original for confirmation, and we will replace it with something else immediately. But please let us thank you in advance for creating such beauty and/or insight that we felt compelled to share it with others.